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John Francis

John Francis brings his experiences as an operator and institutional venture investor. John along with Clay Gordon founded Stout Street Capital in 2017. As General Partner he focuses on investment opportunities in the IT software serving sectors such as Construction, Government, Energy, Cleantech, Media, Advertising, HR, Healthcare and Cloud services. John works actively on several portfolio company boards including Schola, Fluent Forever, and Ad Fontes. He previously served on the boards of Popwallet (acquired by Snapchat (Nasdaq: SNAP)) and has made investments in companies such as Left Hand Robotics(Acquired by TORO(NYSE:TTS).
  • Website:
  • Check Size: $100K - $500K
  • Total Investment: 58
  • Check Size Sweet Spot: $200K
  • Investment ARR Baseline: $0
  • Investment Track Record (IRR): 24%
  • Round Size: $1M - $4M
  • Business Model Preferences: B2B, B2C, B2B2C
  • Stage Preferences: Angel, Pre Seed, Seed, Series A
  • Sector Preferences:
  • Investments Region Preferences: None

Notable Exits
Company Name Deal Type Exit Date Crunchbase Link Website
Teltoo Jul 09, 2020 cb Website Link
rMark Bio Apr 27, 2021 cb Website Link
Incident Response Technologies Jan 12, 2021 cb Website Link
Sitter May 16, 2019 cb Website Link
Valor Water Analytics Feb 28, 2018 cb Website Link
Current Portfolio
Company Name Deal Type Investment Date Company Website Seed February 16, 2021 Website Link
FPL Nokero Seed February 02, 2017 Website Link
Schola Seed January 06, 2020 Website Link
International ThermoDyne Series H February 08, 2017 Website Link
Hover Seed April 24, 2018 Website Link

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